Using Outlines or you could say Page Builder, you could create complete different layout, looks and styles for different pages on the same site.

For example: A Home Page Outline for home page only, a Blog Page Outline for blog posts only, a Shop Page Outline for shop related pages only and a Base Outline for all other pages etc.

It allows you to create unlimited Outline with editable global inherited Layout, Styles and Settings which you could modify completely or part of them as needed and assign them to single or multiple pages by Page Context/Menu Items/Post/Post Terms/Categories/Pages/Products/Product Terms/Orders/Coupons/Taxonomies: Categories/Taxonomies: Tags/Taxonomies: Link Categories/Taxonomies: Product categories/Taxonomies: Product tags/Archives: Categories/Archives: Tags/Archives: Link Categories/Archives: Product categories/Archives: Product tags/WooCommerce System Pages etc.

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